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Team Building Cooking Classes

Team Building Cooking Classes: A Recipe for Success

As an employer, do you sometimes feel that productivity levels in your organization could improve? If only your employees had better morale, or if they just got along better in general. So maybe they’re not bickering, but you may have noticed the office lacking a sense of camaraderie.

Communication between your workers may also be awkward, especially if some of them lack confidence. Perhaps you’ve called several meetings to help motivate them to forge closer interpersonal relationships. Yet still, there’s no change. If so, how about enrolling them in some team building cooking classes? Here’s a look at some of the benefits of these morale-boosting culinary gems.

Team Building Improves Self Esteem

Not everyone in your office may be an extrovert, or be the first to take on new challenges. Those who do are usually leader types with strong personalities and loads of self-confidence. Those in the office with a lower self-esteem may sometimes feel intimidated by stronger personality types. You may even find them fading into the background when they should be working together with others.

Teamwork plays an important role in the success of any organization. Team building cooking classes are ideal for promoting self-confidence. In class, each member will be given the chance to gain some new skills on equal footing, so everyone will be asked to contribute. This enables those with a shy demeanor or lack of self-esteem, to contribute equally. They won’t feel intimidated by stronger types, as their input will be taken into account too. They can derive a sense of purpose by contributing to the planning and making of delicious culinary delights. This could in turn boost their confidence.

Learning new skills is always a fantastic confidence booster. Just knowing that you’re skilled enough to cook for a large dinner party is enough to bolster confidence. Creating a mouthwatering meal for two in an intimate setting is a feather in your cap, too. If your colleagues are already great cooks, mastering more dishes in record time could definitely add to their confidence.

Cooking Different Cuisine Encourages Cultural Awareness

Learning how to cook an eclectic mix of international dishes can create cultural awareness. This is true as specific dishes are attached to certain cultures. For instance, empanadas, or gazpacho soup are typical Spanish foods. Then there’s capicollo, an Italian meat dish as another example. Team building cooking classes are therefore ideal if your office comprises different cultures. This kind of team exercise can help to break down cultural barriers if there are any. Co-workers may also have more confidence to reach out to one other.

Team Building Improves Individual Strengths and Camaraderie

The nature of team building is ideal if you want to bolster everyone’s strengths. The co-coordinator, or chef hosting the class, would give each member a specific task. Tasks are usually matched with the individual’s strong points. Some of your team members may have excellent delegation skills. Others may be great at doing specific tasks, or checking finished tasks.

Sometimes the cooking class host does not delegate tasks. The team would then work together to decide on task delegation. This is ideal for camaraderie, as they are deciding as a group. Also, learning how to cook collectively in such close proximity helps colleagues feel closer. This makes for better interpersonal relationships.

The Improvement of Social Skills and Communication

Team building promotes communication between people where there’s a communication barrier. In cooking classes, your shy types will be coerced into communicating with people they would rarely speak to normally. It’s always more effective to give two of your employees the same task during the team building class. This could dissolve all communication barriers.

Team building makes allowances for everyone to open up, as there’s a common goal to produce the best possible project outcome. Sometimes all certain individuals need is an ice breaker and classes like these are surely that. Introverts also feel more relaxed and sociable because they are in a completely different environment.

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Productivity Increases When Colleagues Know They are Cared for

Employees tend to feel more valued when management makes concerted efforts to boost their well-being and confidence. They also feel cared for when employees are part of the team building exercise. This increase in morale boosts productivity. Team building can also be seen as a little relaxing break away from work. Relaxation is key to a well-balanced life and optimal work performance. Sometimes all employees need to be more effective is some fun in another setting.

Take Your Team on a Culinary Adventure!

Do you need to build camaraderie with your co-workers and increase your organization’s productivity? Look no further—enroll for a team building cooking class at the Culinary Institute of Virginia. Their chefs will take you and your team on a gastronomical adventure you’ll never forget.


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